In 2007, Alan Stillson commissioned me to make this prototype of his game.

The object is to spell a 3-5 letter word from the letters in the phrase.

Click each letter and build your word. Press the space bar to undo.

Then press the ENTER button to submit your word.

Your word may be rejected for three reasons. (1) It is not a word found in the Scrabble Dictionary. (2) It is a naughty word. (3) It is a whole word that already appears in the phrase, even if you select different letters, other than the letters from that word.

When a word is rejected, you lose the game.

Play continues until all the letters are used.

For a one-player game, you are PLAYER ONE. Make your move. And then press ‘c’ (no capital ‘C’). Then the game finds a word and enters it. Then it is your turn again.

For a two-player game, PLAYER ONE and PLAYER TWO share the mouse and the keyboard.

For dueling robots, you can let the game play itself. Press ‘c’ for PLAYER ONE and press ‘c’ for PLAYER TWO. Etc.

Doing this, you may see words like BOSKY, EMEER, HONAN, and ORMER. Very tricksy.

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