The Fool and his Money continues the adventures of the Fool as he sets out to return the fourteen treasures to their rightful owners.

“My friend,” the Sun reflects. “If you stay to your current path, it will take you several days to reach the Kingdom of the Swords. I strongly recommend a more direct course through the woodland marshes.”

“Robber’s Road?” the Fool considers. “Yes, I see the wisdom of it.”

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The Fool’s Errand tells the tale of the wandering Fool who seeks his fortune in the Land of Tarot and braves the enchantments of the High Priestess.

This 1987 award-winning game was the first computer meta-puzzle, a rare blend of storytelling, playful hands-on visual puzzles, and a cryptic treasure map.

Play this game again (or for the very first time) on Macintosh or Windows.

At the Carnival - MacWorld called this 1989 puzzle collection “more than a Fool and less than an Errand,” meaning lots of puzzles, but no story or meta-puzzle.

Nevertheless, you might lose your head over Hazard Park. You see, decapitations are not uncommon. Especially in the Laff-in-the-Dark.

Play this game again (or for the very first time) on Macintosh or Windows.

3 in Three - After a power surge, the number 3 is stranded in the land of letters where numbers don’t count and the letters spell disaster. They chant a mocking refrain, “You are wrong. This cannot be. There is no number 3 in Three.”

MacUser Magazine’s 1991 “Best Game of the Year” follows in the footsteps of The Fool’s Errand as a meta-puzzle deluxe. If you’ve never owned a Mac, you’ve never played this game. You are in for a treat.

Play this game again (or for the very first time) on Macintosh or Windows.

David Blaine’s 2002 book, Mysterious Stranger, had a $100,000 treasure hunt created by “the son of John who stepped off a cliff.”

There are several deconstructions of the treasure hunt. One by yours truly, one by the winner, Sherri Skanes, and one by Jeff Briden who bravely navigates the imbroglio of arcane visual codes.

Just Blaine Crazy contains the zany “true” accounts of folks trying to crack this mad, mad, mad, mad challenge.

Cliff Johnson - When I attended the MacWorld Expo to promote The Fool’s Errand in 1988 and 3 in Three in 1991, people marched up to me, pointed accusing fingers, and shouted, “I HATE YOU!

It was the ultimate compliment. Puzzle-addled students hated me because they were too tired to study for their exams. Business professionals hated me because they were blurry-eyed on the job. And even a pair of newlyweds hated me because I ruined their honeymoon.

So I’ll understand if you feel the need to e-mail me and say, “I HATE YOU!

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